„Volldraht“ is an instrument, it awakes non-voters.

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Volldraht“ has been classified as a threat and directly an enthusiastic investor is sent to us. Good story, plausibly performed, perfectly played ... Result, we have put a lot of energy into building the next stage and should be starved financially. Alternative media that act uncensored and then appear in a print format is a potential threat to the media blockade. For us this is a sign that we have done everything right and for all those who want to actively do something NOW, bring yourself in.

We urgently need sponsors, fellow combatants, who will order the support packages.

Volldraht“ is far more than just a newspaper. It is a catalyst of free opinion in the regional environment. A newspaper driven by the interests of partys oppresses any partial, any non-adapted critical citizen, who could establish himselfself in regional politics. Full-wire prints the information that is banned in the mainstream. Full wire is independent.

„Volldraht“ is an instrument, it awakes non-voters and long-sleeping.

A „Volldraht“ edition, including sales of 200,000 newspapers, 8 pages in the Berlin format, is a sharp sword. We need min. 25,000 euros to become interesting for advertisers and to cover operating costs. This needs 2,500 interested people buying a support package of 10 newspapers each.

Purchase support packages, 10, 20, 30 or 50 euros, as you want and can. Distribute the „Volldraht“ edition in your environment, look for sponsors from business circles and contact them.. 2017 is the year in which we can initiate the positive change in society or have to bow to the EU dictates. It's your decision >>> http://shop.volldraht.de/

Financial field of activity for friends, co-workers, supporters, sponsors, entrepreneurs, oligarchs and yacht owners, use your free will, now.

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